'Where's Sidney?' Quick, Elusive Pens' Rookie to be Featured in Upper Deck Promotion
Dec 19, 2005

'Where's Sidney?' Quick, Elusive Pens' Rookie to be Featured in Upper Deck Promotion, Asking Fans to Find Embedded Icons of Fast-Moving Forward

Sidney Icons Located in Upper Deck Product, on Upper Deck, Industry Web Sites, Hobby Publications and Ads; Prizes Include Trip to 2005/06 Stanley Cup

CARLSBAD, Calif. (Dec. 19, 2005) -- Blink and you'll miss him. Quick and elusive, rookie Sidney Crosby has made defenders' heads spin, with teams trying to zero-in on the fast-moving forward every time the Penguins push it up the ice. Thinking they have him in their crosshairs, he stops, spins -- or just skates past.

Already this season, Crosby has tallied 30 points. Seemingly unstoppable, Upper Deck is now asking fans to accomplish what opposing players have failed to do: find and contain the speedy 18-year-old phenom.

Starting next week, the company will underline its exclusive partnership with Crosby by launching a promotion titled "Where's Sidney," having fans search for various-sized Sidney icons embedded in different locations. Places include: Upper Deck 2005/06 NHL products and Web advertising.

The contest runs throughout the 2005/06 NHL season and ends in April, with winners randomly selected and notified in May.

After collecting the icons, fans must submit these images into the "Where's Sidney?" sweepstakes at www.WhereIsSidney.com. Prizes include: a trip for two to the Stanley Cup Finals; a complete set of Crosby rookie cards; and boxes of Upper Deck hockey product. Those who find the location of all 26 icons will win a special Crosby collection of non-numbered, non-autographed cards.

"Sidney's not only the most talked about NHL rookie since Gretzky, he's the most sought-after athlete we've had since LeBron," said Upper Deck senior marketing manager Kerri Stockholm.

"With this promotion we wanted to do two things: promote Sidney's relationship with us -- and give his product additional life, personifying his on-ice skills," continued Stockholm. "To us, that meant his speed, his elusiveness."

"In the end, we hope the unique interactive element we've introduced makes Sidney's cards as exciting for collectors as he's made the game of hockey for us fans."

More on Upper Deck's 'Where's Sidney' Promotion
The icon for Upper Deck's "Where's Sidney?" promotion will feature an animated depiction of a smiling Crosby within a Penguins-like uniform yellow triangle. Included will be his jersey number, 87.

To enter, collectors will have to register online at www.WhereIsSidney.com to first receive a unique code/ID number. They will then include said code/number when they send in their Sidney icons. Collectors will be allowed to send in their icons in one submission.

The hardest-to-find icon will be a Sidney Crosby insert card limited to 50. Per the above note, the 50 collectors who find and send in all 26 icons will receive a collection of Crosby rookie cards. They will also earn double entries into the sweepstakes.

More on Upper Deck's Partnership with the NHL and the NHL Players' Association (NHLPA)
Upper Deck has a long-term partnership with the NHL, producing hockey-specific trading cards and collectibles since 1991. In the lockout season of 2004/05, Upper Deck was the only collectibles industry company to create and distribute fully-licensed NHL product. Pairing down its catalogue from 12 to nine offerings -- and focusing on the sport's legends and veterans -- Upper Deck had one of its best hockey category sales years ever, selling out its entire line.

About the Upper Deck Company
Founded in 1988, The Upper Deck Co. is a premier global sports and entertainment-publishing company that delivers a portfolio of relevant, innovative and multi-dimensional product experiences to collectors, sports and entertainment enthusiasts.


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