Former Nike Designers Launch XTERRA at Winter Outdoor Retailer; Line Inspired By World's Top Adventure Race Series
Jan 25, 2008

SALT LAKE CITY (Jan. 23, 2008) -- Man versus Mother Nature no more.

With the launch of XTERRA's new multi-sport performance footwear and apparel at this week's Outdoor Retailer show -- a line inspired by the adventure race series of the same name -- the outdoors are no longer to be conquered. They're to be connected with.

Foot forms with root, rock; the wind and water wills the body forward -- faster, further. This concept of co-existence creates XTERRA's product philosophy, Symbionics(TM), symbolic performance systems that utilize technologies found in nature.

Under the umbrella of Symbionics:

-- ExclusiveEnergyExchange (or E3), precise performance technologies maximizing energy flow for specific areas of the body (existing in the shoe midsole/outsole), and;

-- IntuitiveFlow, threads of connectivity between athlete and environment creating a closer, more pure interaction with the elements (found in both the footwear upper and apparel line, the latter of which includes coconut and bamboo fibers).

XTERRA's Symbionics system is incorporated in five on- and off-road shoe styles for men and women -- a trail runner, trail trainer, ultra trainer, performance sandal and performance slide (MSRP $55-115) -- as well as wide selection of race- and training-specific apparel and accessories. XTERRA's fall collection hits retail in September and will be available at outdoor specialty, running and independent sporting goods stores.

XTERRA's E3: The Shoe's Elements

The lineup's newsworthy nucleus: XTERRA's trail runner and trail trainer E3 technology.

Both trail models ($115) will feature a technology first for the multi-sport category, a dual-injected, dual-density EVA midsole made of two layers -- the top soft, the bottom stiff -- giving superior support and comfort over roots, rocks and ravines, allowing athletes the agility of nature's king, a big-cat predator.

And helping XTERRA stand out from run-of-the-hill trail shoes is unique visual technology in WILDTred, a carved claw-like perimeter lug design forming independent touch pads from forefoot to heel with deep flex zones for controlled traction.

The Symbionic science behind all shoe styles can be seen at

XTERRA: The People Behind the Product

Multi-sport competitor TJ Gray (design director) and partner Ashley Brown (product director) developed XTERRA's product line, geared toward the 33 million Americans who run off-road every year (Outdoor Industry Association). Former Nike designers, they have also launched designs for Salomon, adidas, Puma, Fila, Prince and Steve & Barry's.

Gray -- a NCAA decathlete while at Syracuse -- and Brown are co-owners of New Hampshire-based 20 Degrees North, the company that acquired the performance-gear license for XTERRA in October of 2007 from Team Unlimited. Twenty degrees north is the latitudinal coordinate for the Hawaiian Islands, where the XTERRA race series has its roots. XTERRA's other co-owners are president and CEO Greg Niel and COO Mark Kilgore. Niel had previously worked with adidas and Fila; Kilgore with Nike, adidas and Fila.

Treads of Connectivity: More on XTERRA's Footwear Lineup

Trail Runner, Trail Trainer (XR1.0, XT1.0; $115)
The final E3 elements of XTERRA's trail shoes: an internal I-beam shank, providing added stiffness without increasing weight -- and a combination of blown rubber in the forefoot and high-abrasion carbon rubber in the heel for strength and durability.

IntuitiveFlux: a breathable, webbed-nylon weave XHale mesh (trail runner) and a combination synthetic suede/3-D mesh with a forefoot support strap, NARRGuard (trail trainer), maximizing the outsole/midsole by giving support strength in key areas while allowing for flex in others.

Weight: trail runner (mens 10.65 oz, 290 g; womens 9.25 oz, 263 g), trail trainer (mens 11.95 oz, 339 g; womens 9.5 oz, 269 g). Colors for the trail runner: slime/black, pumpkin/thundercloud, navy/slime (mens); slime, ocean/smoke, thundercloud/hot pink (womens). Colors for the trail trainer: slime/black, black/crimson, slime/navy (mens); slime/black, white/hot pink, ocean/white (womens).

Ultra Trainer (XT2.0; $95)
E3: A sculpted one-piece midsole/outsole giving a locked-in fit while moving laterally and forward. Strategically placed rubber crash pads for shock absorption. IntuitiveFlux: EXOSkin air mesh upper for breathability and optimum stretch.

Weight: mens (10.65 oz, 290 g), womens (9.10 oz, 250 g). Colors: black/slime, midnight/crimson, thundercloud/pumpkin (mens); slime/thundercloud, hot pink/grey haze, ocean/slime (womens).

Performance Sandal (XS1.0; $75)
E3: Drainage channels for excess water release. IntuitiveFlux: Open strapping system. Integrated toe protection. Weight: mens (9.05 oz, 257 g), womens (7.8 oz, 220 g). Colors: slime/black, midnight/crimson, navy/slime (mens); slime/grey haze, hot pink/thundercloud (womens).

Performance Slide (XP1.0; $55)
E3: Drainage channels. Outsole lugs for push and cushion. IntuitiveFlux: ChillAX, a vented, injected EVA upper for breathability to sooth swollen feet after a race. Weight: mens (7.4 oz, 209 g), womens (5.75 oz, 165 g). Colors: slime/black, black/crimson, pumpkin/thundercloud (mens); ocean/grey haze, hot pink/grey haze (womens).


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