DL3 and the G6: Golf's First Wrist-Top Launch Monitor, the Suunto G6, Cited for Davis Love's Improved GIR, Driving Accuracy
May 26, 2006

According to His G6, Love's Consistency from Swing to Swing Has Improved Threefold Since March

CARLSBAD, Calif. (May 26, 2006) -- In the first 20 years of Davis Love's PGA Tour career, he never had a single season in which he hit more than 20 greens in regulation in a row in more than a single tournament.

However, in just the first five months of 2006, he's already accomplished that feat twice, with 23 greens in regulation (GIR) in a row at the AT&T -- and 24 at the BellSouth.

And, it's not just his irons game that's been hot. At Augusta last month, Love hit 73.2 percent of his fairways, his best four-round performance off the tee in a major championship since the 1999 Masters.

So: what's helped Love get his groove back? According to the man known by many as DL3, it's the G6, a performance watch from Suunto that touts itself as golf's first wrist-top launch monitor.

The Suunto G6 (MSRP $399) measures four distinct swing components -- tempo, rhythm, backswing length and clubhead speed -- providing instant feedback that allows Love to feel and repeat the perfect swing.

In the media tent at Doral in March, Love was asked by reporters about his game's improvement from last year:

"I was real inconsistent...there was a little more timing in my swing than I wanted. It wasn't as repeatable.

So we worked this winter on just tightening everything up backswing-wise and turning more through it just so I could have some consistency. I was hitting the ball just as far; I would have some good rounds and good streaks.

Now I feel like I'm building some consistency in my swing, and you have to have that to compete out here."

In April, The Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee cited Love has having "one of the largest top swings I've ever seen." While backswing length is just one of the G6's measurements, it's the one swing component Love has focused on this season. And others have noticed the improvement.

At the Wachovia Championship, CBS' Peter Costas had this to say after Love's final-day tee shot on 17:

"Excellent extension. Davis is turning more; I don't know if it's his workouts or something, but he's getting more turn in his backswing, Jim, and setting up the ball nicely."

Love began using the G6 in January. In March at the TPC, Sunnto's on-course tour team measured his swing, resulting in a consistency index of 9.9. Just last week, Love registered a 3. According to Suunto, a lower index means a golfer is able to repeat their motion from swing to swing, demonstrating a solid technique.

For more information on the product and to locate a retailer in a specific area, the company offers a Web site: www.suunto.com/g6.


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